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Monday, September 29, 2008

Wallpaper Removal

The dining room has the same faux paint found throughout the house. This was the last room that we removed wallpaper from, we're leaving wallpaper on two of the bedrooms. The stairs and upstairs wallpaper has painted wallpaper, after we get the rooms ready for paint I will remove it and that should be all of it.

The master bedroom had a straw type wall paper, so we had to soak the straw layer to remove it and then soak the backing to remove it. We waited until the next day to remove the leftover glue. Susie helped us scrub all the glue off the walls.

This is the smallest bedroom, but one of the worst to remove the wallpaper. We think the wall was covered with glue before the paper was applied. We had to scrap the walls and scrub the walls three times.
The entryway wallpaper removed very easy. There is a faux type paint underneath which was found in the sun room, living room, and dining room.
The family room with the wall paper removed. This room only had one layer of canvas paper. My dad removed all this paper by himself in less time than it took four of us to work on the sun room.
Here's the room off the family room with the wallpaper removed. This room had canvas wall paper, paint, and two more layers of wallpaper. It took four of us a day to finish this one.
Here's the breakfast nook with the wallpaper removed. There was only one layer of canvas wallpaper on this wall that came off easy.