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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Living Room

We finally painted the living room and by we I mainly mean Karina. We still have electrical work that will need to be done on the room which will likely include some holes to be patched. We're hoping the holes will be small so it won't take too much to fix, patch and paint them.

Here's the before

Monday, December 8, 2008

Downstairs Shower

Latest project is trying to figure out how to get our downstairs shower to a few degrees above luke warm, so if you have any ideas let me know.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here's the latest news. The electrician is nearly complete pulling in the new wiring upstairs. Our bedroom is painted and the outlets are in, we are now just waiting for the new light switches and ceiling fan to be installed.

Karina finshed painting the smallest bedroom today with light and dark brown. The other two rooms with wallpaper just need the ceilings painted.

Here's the before

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bathroom - Linoleum Removal

We removed the carpet from the bathroom a month ago and have been living with the remnants of the linoleum/glue/underlayment since then.

I was going to clean it up and put down some vinyl tiles to temporarily hold us over, but last night I noticed that the hardwood continued into the bathroom. Below are the pictures of the progress of removing the glue using a wallpaper steamer.

Here's with the carpet...under the toilet I found purple shag!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kitchen, Carpet and Staples

Here's the progress so far: Kitchen is painted and for the most part complete. Painting on the rest of house is on hold...we've learned that we need our house rewired, so we'll wait on painting and mudding until that is complete.

On Sunday, with Amanda and John's help, we were able to remove all the carpet from the house. This carpet and pad were very gross after 50 years of use, but pulling them off was like opening up a present. The dining room has pad that is stuck to the floor and one of the bedrooms has a covering glued down, but everything else came right out.

Sunday night, Monday night, and tonight we spent pulling the carpet nails and staples. The rooms went fast but the stairs took us about eight hours. We still have the carpet tack strips and the pad to remove from the dining room.

Living room

Master Bedroom

Spare bedroom with covering

Dining room with stuck pad

The treads were completely carpeted, but at some point they were dark like the living room, then stained to a lighter color with a carpet runner.


Small bedroom


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Painting and Mudding

We don't have a whole lot of progress to show this week. Reynolds got married this weekend so we took a complete break from the house.

Most of the bedroom cracks have been mudded and sanded and it's almost ready for primer.

The cabinets are all painted and the doors are hanging again. Karina is going to start painting the walls green again, the first green was a bit too bright...looked like UND white and green.

Our goals for this week is to finish the kitchen, start painting our bedroom and start working on mudding the living room. Two weeks and counting from when we move in so the crunch is on.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kitchen - Painting

We've finally started painting the kitchen. Karina and Amanda cleaned the cabinets, removed the hardware and got them ready for paint last Thursday. Friday night we started priming the cabinets and Karina spent the weekend finishing the priming and finished painting the cabinets which are now white.

Our patch job on the ceiling turned out a lot better than expected. The picture below shows the area under the fluorescent light fixture that we are replacing. The entire kitchen, cabinets and ceiling were once painted this dark red, in the 1950's the red was covered by a light green.

Here's all the cabinets doors, the fronts just need a final coat of paint and they will be complete.

Here's some pictures showing the primed kitchen.

Monday, September 29, 2008


On Sunday we started to work on the kitchen. We removed all the doors off the cabinets and Karina de-greased the ceiling and all the walls.

I started to work on patching cracks on the ceiling with fiberglass tape and put the first coat of mud on the tape. I've quickly learned that taping and mudding sucks and taping and mudding the ceiling is even worse.

Today we started to sand the mud and we realized that we shouldn't have cleaned the walls beforehand because everything is covered in dust. We added the second coat to the mud today.

Wallpaper Removal

The dining room has the same faux paint found throughout the house. This was the last room that we removed wallpaper from, we're leaving wallpaper on two of the bedrooms. The stairs and upstairs wallpaper has painted wallpaper, after we get the rooms ready for paint I will remove it and that should be all of it.

The master bedroom had a straw type wall paper, so we had to soak the straw layer to remove it and then soak the backing to remove it. We waited until the next day to remove the leftover glue. Susie helped us scrub all the glue off the walls.

This is the smallest bedroom, but one of the worst to remove the wallpaper. We think the wall was covered with glue before the paper was applied. We had to scrap the walls and scrub the walls three times.
The entryway wallpaper removed very easy. There is a faux type paint underneath which was found in the sun room, living room, and dining room.
The family room with the wall paper removed. This room only had one layer of canvas paper. My dad removed all this paper by himself in less time than it took four of us to work on the sun room.
Here's the room off the family room with the wallpaper removed. This room had canvas wall paper, paint, and two more layers of wallpaper. It took four of us a day to finish this one.
Here's the breakfast nook with the wallpaper removed. There was only one layer of canvas wallpaper on this wall that came off easy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Interior Pictures - When Purchased

Front Entrance

Spare Bedroom

Spare Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Dining Room