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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yard Work

Greg, Bill & Dallas, and Jeremy helped us with a ton of yard work this weekend. We had some drainage issues this last spring so they helped us install taller window wells so that we can add dirt around the foundation.

They also removed all of the overgrown shrubs around the house. They dug out a shrub in the front, a huge shrub in the back, and two along the side of the house. It looks so much better now. We were amazed that we got so much done with their help.

We spent today pruning back trees. We removed some of the lower branches from the birch tree in the front. We took out a lot of the braches on the cherry tree by the patio in the back, hopefully now we won't have so many dropping on the back walk and patio. We also removed branches from the tree in the back corner of the lot.

Here's the house last fall.

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