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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Entry and Stairs

I finally got around to uploading some new pictures. We've been busy removing paint and sanding the entryway and stairs.

Here's a really old picture from when we moved in. We've learned that everything to do with the stairs takes an ungodly amount of time. Begining with the million carpet staples we've removed, to removing the paint, and finally to sanding and staining.
This is from last winter once the wainscotting was painted.

This was taking from a month ago once we had all the paint removed from the treads and risers.

Here's the spindles and stairs with all the paint removed.

This part was a lot of fun.

Removing paint in here was fun too.

Top of the stairs with the baseboards sanded and the floors edged. This shows the natural color of the maple floors upstairs.

Here's with the baseboards stained, my dad came down last weekend to help us get this stained. Still need to sand and stain the spindles, but that will probably wait until the floors are sanded and refinished.

Built-in in the dinning room.

Here's the linoleum removal from our closet. This came out really easy with the steamer.

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