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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dining Room Wallpaper

With a ton of help from Karina's dad we finally got the dining room wallpapered. We originally thought this would have been done in the spring of 2009, then we thought last fall we would get it hung, but like everything else there were a lot of steps that had to be completed beforehand.

Here's the dining room as it was when we bought the house. Since this point we pulled the old wallpaper down, pulled up the carpet and backing stuck to the floor, patched the walls, fixed the ceiling after the bathroom pipes were replaced, painted the ceiling, stipped three layers of paint from the all the trim, sanded the trim, stained the trim, and then hired out to have floors refinished.

Here's how the room looked after the wallpaper was removed. We looked at these walls for more than a year, it was very exciting to finally get these ghetto looking walls papered.

First corner finished!

Bruce working his magic.

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Galbreath House c. 1890 said...

I am a fan of wallpaper and I like what you chose for your dining room. Are you a member of the oldhouseweb forums? I seem to recall seeing that wallpaper or something similar there recently.