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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sun room - wallpaper

Our main floor walls are finally finished! This weekend my parents came to help us wallpaper the sun room. This room has been sitting in limbo for a year and half. We removed the wallpaper the first weekend we bought the house and since then we patched the plaster and a couple months ago we sized the walls.

Here's the original wallpaper.

Here's what the walls looked like underneath, a faux type finish.

The prepped walls.

First corner. The walls aren't plumb, level, or square, which makes wallpapering a lot of fun.

The last corner, these two corners took forever trying to get them to fit and match up. Luckily my parents know all the tricks.

The finished product!

Next on the list is the french doors and the radiators.


The Holt's said...

Looks great guys! A slight improvement from the burlap. :)

Galbreath House c. 1890 said...

That's a very pretty damask paper you chose and it will insure that your sun room will always be bright and sunny!

Just my thought(s) said...
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