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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baby's Room

We've started to get the baby room decorated. We had an ultrasound a week ago, everything went well. The baby's now 8 oz (50th percetile) and looks way bigger than the first one. We could see the heart beating, arms and legs moving! We didn't get a good picture of the face, so we will probably get another ultrasound in the next couple weeks.

Next week Karina will be half way done, which is crazy! Due date is still April 21st.

Here's a picture of the baby crib my parents bought us. This is where the baby will get a full 12 hours of uninterupted sleep every night.

Here's the matching changing table/dresser. We're hoping the baby comes out potty trained so that we will only use this as a dresser.

This is the first room with curtains, that's a big step for us. Two down, 28 more to go.

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